Zippo Soft Flame Lighters Can Be Used To Light Cigars

One of the fundamental rules when smoking cigars is that you should never light it with a Zippo or liquid fuel lighter. The reason this rule exists is because people believe that the liquid fuel can be absorbed by the cigar and either change the aroma or ruin the flavour. I believed this rule for quite some time to until recently when I decided to test the theory. 

In a recent video I decided to test my newly acquired Zippo lighter on some long filler Cuban cigars. I made sure to use the official and latest version of Zippo lighter fuel which is described as having low odor. Despite this, as soon as you flick the lighter open you can smell the fuel. The interesting thing is that when you light your cigar is literally has no impact at all. 

Even when taking a draw with the flame, the cigar exhibited no change in flavour and there was absolutely no impact on the aroma. I can safely confirm that Zippo lighters have zero impact on cigars and can be used quite effectively. 

Personally, I prefer soft flame lighters on my cigars and the beauty of Zippos is that you can use these lighters outside even when it's windy. This is not possible with butane soft flame lighters. 

I should mention however, that I have only performed this test on the current official Zippo fuel and not any other form of liquid fuel that other lighters may use. Results form other fuels may vary, however Zippo is perfectly fine. 

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  • Very interesting! I’ve never tested it but I read several times DO NOT use a zippo lighter to light premium cigars! But there you go I might have to test that myself with my zippo. Thank you for the interesting and unique article


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