These Are The Best Value Cuban Cigars You Can Buy

Budget cigars generally come with compromises. Most budget cigars are produced with lesser quality tobacco. The fillers in these cigars tend to be short filler or sometimes mixed filler. These are ok, but obviously won't offer the same quality as a premium, long filler cigar. What if, there was a budget Cuban cigar brand, that produced long filler cigars.

When it comes to cigars, many people tend to hold Cuban cigars in high regard.  Personally, I love Cuban cigars but I do enjoy many from other regions too. The only problem is that cigars can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there's one brand that not only offers brilliant quality, but also, won't break the bank. 

In a recent video I review a brand of cigar called Vegueros. I've been smoking a number of cigars from this brand and I'm utterly impressed at how good they really are. Every cigar they currently produce, is made with long filler tobacco; giving them that premium edge over many other budget options. The sizes of the cigars are also very generous considering the price they retail for. 

Honestly, I'm disappointed that I didn't discover this brand sooner because they're truly the best budget Cuban cigars that you can buy.

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