The Little Lake Lounge: Smoke Cigars With an Incredible View

When it comes to cigar lounges, many of them tend to be located within the bowls of a property. The man cave, hidden away from the rest of the world; a place for us to scurry on into and find refuge from the rest of the world. One man decided to flip that on its head and instead, built his cigar lounge atop his home. 

YouTuber AM2PM, produced a video not so long ago featuring the Little Lake Cigar lounge. This lounge or "man cave" is relatively unique. The large windows bathe the whole room with lots of beautiful, natural light. I assume smoking in this lounge just before sunset should be utterly magical. To add to that, the view of the lake really adds to the whole experience too. 

Inside the room, the glass floors add quite a nice touch unless you're one to suffer from vertigo. In my experience, standing on those glass floors is always a little odd to say the least. Despite this, I have to say the Little Lake Cigar Lounge looks like it's quite the place for a cigar. 

Check out the full video linked above. 

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