• There's No Such Thing as Plume on Cigars: Let's Stop this Nonsense

    Cigar plume or bloom is entirely fabricated. There is no evidence to suggest that plume exists and claims of such things have almost always been debunked. Unfortunately, many in the cigar industry continue to perpetuate this falsehood and this means that cigar aficionados are being mislead.
  • Cigar Aficionado Has Halved the Number of Cuban Cigars in Its Top 25 List

    Cigar Aficionado has been producing it's top 25 list of best cigars every year since at least 2004. As a publication, it has built a great reputation within the industry and this is why its best cigars lists have so much weight.

    Cuban cigars remain one of the most popular types of cigars currently on the market. However, over the last decade Cigar Aficionado has been reducing the number of Cuban cigars that appear in its top 25 list of best cigars.