Study Suggests Cigars Can Prevent COVID-19

As we start moving towards the second potential peak of Covid-19, we cigar smokers may have some good news. Apparently, smokers may be at a much lower risk of contracting Covid-19. 

A recent study done by French researchers suggests that tobacco products may be stopping people from contracting the virus. This study was conducted in a major hospital in Paris. The assumption is that, nicotine in the tobacco may be the substance that is the cause and not the actual act of smoking. 

It must be stressed that this has not yet been verified. Currently, this remains a hypothesis and clinical trials are yet to be completed. Nonetheless, this is still pretty interesting news. 

The researchers are obviously not recommending smoking or that more people take on smoking. Smoking cigars and cigarettes can lead to serious health conditions and it's probably not a good idea to start based on this individual study. Although, it seems that a nicotine patch may be a good alternative to smoking. 

Of course if you must smoke, you should probably pick up a good cigar. I don't think there's any point in trading your health and well being for something as cheap and poor as a cigarette.

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Via The Guardian


  • I am not a doctor, however I use common sense and because common sense isnt common I am already ahead. I run a cigar lounge and most of my customers I see everyday.. if I see them everyday rarely do WE get sick ask TK!

    Corey M Stansbury
  • Covid-19 studies can’t come that quick to establish any conclusions.
    Studies that lead to scientific conclusions take many years

    Steven Holden
  • Every premium cigar smoker knows this!😎

    Anthony Pulgine
  • Need any news

    Edward yaites
  • Have cigars will travel!!!

    Alan Husted

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