Prove Me Wrong: There's No Such Thing as Cigar Plume, Its All Mould

One of the things I've heard plenty of times is about how cigars produce something called plume on their surfaces. Although I cannot conclusively rule out this possibility of plume appearing on cigars, so far I have see no evidence of it existing anywhere. 

Plume is this powdery white substance is described as something which forms from the oils and sugars from within the cigars. Due to this, many people use this as a way to determine how well the aging process of their cigars is going. 

Unfortunately, the evidence does not seem to point to this conclusion. In almost every case that I have personally seen so far, what was described to be plume was in fact mould. 

In a recent video, I take a look at some cigars that I have which look to have developed some "plume". In order to do this I took some high resolution images of the cigars using the Canon 5DSR and the EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. With this combination I was able to zoom right into the structure of the substance to see precisely what it actually is. 

As I had thought the substance did turn out to be mould once I zoomed in to see the actual structure of the substance. This is the main issue, many people who claim to have plume on their cigars simply haven't looked closely enough. For this reason, I'm putting this polite challenge to anyone in the industry. IF someone can provide definitive evidence of plume existing then I'd be very interested to see this. As it stands right now, I have to conclude that it's somewhat of a hoax because there is no evidence in support of this claim.  

In the meantime, check out the full video to see the images and results of my "test". 



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