New Sanctions on Cuba: No More Cuban Cigars to the US

The relationship between Cuba and the US has been temperamental for quite some time now. Product produced by the Cuban government are essentially banned in the US. Barrack Obama did make a few changes during his term to open up relations, however Donald Trump has now made the stance clear with his latest decision. 

Recently, new sanctions have been placed upon products produced by the Cuban Government. This includes premium cigars produced by Habanos because it is a government owned brand. This may come as a blow to many people in the US who enjoy Cuban cigars and were planning on building a collection. What's worse is the fact that this also includes buying Cuban cigars from other countries like Canada or countries in Europe. Essentially, there is no legal way you can bring Cuban cigars into the US. 

There may be a silver lining to this because I can see two benefits coming from this outright ban. Since Obama lifted some of the sanctions, Cuba had been struggling to keep up with demand. This meant that the quality of some of the products didn't really match what many people had come to expect. With this more defined sanction, Habanos may go back to producing smaller batches of better quality cigars. 

The other thing to remember is the fact that the US has a plethora of cigar brands available to choose from. Many people in the US simply don't care for Cuban cigars because there is so much choice. On that basis, I think this could work out to be a good thing for those who truly enjoy Cuban cigars across the rest of the world. 

What do you think, could this end up being a good thing for Cuban cigars overall? 


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