Long Term Review of the S.T. Dupont Le Grand Lighter (Plus Unboxing)

In a previous video, I reviewed the S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dancing flame lighter. I discussed how much I disliked the product for a good number of reasons. I've now replaced that lighter with the Le Grand Blue Lacquered version and this is probably the best lighter that S.T. Dupont produce. 

In my latest video, I perform an unboxing and review the blue Lacquered Le Grand lighter. The review is based on extensive use of one or more Le Grand lighters. I've owned a Le Grand lighter for almost a year and I wanted to share my thoughts on this product and whether it's something I recommend or not. 

As with most S.T. Dupont products, this lighter comes with quite a hefty price tag. At around £1000 on average, depending on the model you select, it's not very common among cigar smokers. Many of you will probably think it's a waste of money and I honestly can't argue with you because it does come down to your own individual preferences. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy the video linked above as I demonstrate the good and bad points of this lighter. For many of you it may not be worth the price, however, for those of you in the market for such expensive trinkets, I hope you find my review useful. 

You can purchase yours using this link here


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