Hunters & Frankau Releases It House Reserve Aged and Rare Cigars for 2021: Here Is the Full List

Hunters & Frankau, the UK Cuban cigar importer has just introduced its second aged and rare collection for 2021. This collection includes a wide range of Cuban cigars including much loved Vitolas from Cohiba such as the Esplendidos.

Cuban cigars continue to remain the most popular and most sought-after cigars in the UK. For the most part, Cuban cigars benefit greatly from additional age. Aging Cuban cigars generally smoothes out some of the harsher flavor notes and results in a smoother and more enjoyable smoke.

For those of you that are interested in purchasing aged Cuban cigars, Hunters & Frankau have just announced its latest Aged and Rare Collection 2021.


These aged cigars from Hunters & Frankau will feature a House Reserve gold and bronze band on the foot of each cigar. This will not only help prevent any damage to the foot of the cigar, but, also help identify them quickly in a humidor.

UK prices, in general, are quite high and these House Reserve cigars will come at a cost. However, considering the fact that they have been stored and aged by the experts at Hunters & Frankau, for many it will likely be worth the price.  


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