Here's Why You Should Never Remove the Cigar Band Early

One of the things I find incredibly interesting about the cigar industry, is the etiquette. I've heard people exclaim "bad form" when they've witnessed someone do something that they shouldn't do as a cigar smoker. This kind of behaviour isn't something that I would co-sign, however, there are good and practical reasons for many of the etiquettes. 

 Some etiquettes, however, do seem to exist for silly and pompous reasons. For example, one of the preferred practices I had heard was that you should always remove the cigar band before smoking. This is to prevent people from thinking you're showing off the cigar you're smoking; or even prevent them from mocking you, if you're not smoking what others consider premium.

This is unnecessarily stupid in my view and considering the latest video from Perdomo, probably a good way to damage your cigar. President of Perdomo Cigars, Nick Perdomo, details a couple of reasons, why you may want to stop removing the band from your cigars too early. Both of the points he makes definitely make sense to me and I completely agree with him. 

Certain practices or etiquettes such as these are nonsense for the most part and should be ignored.

Check out the full video linked above to see why. 

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