Here's What Happened When I Smoked a Fake Cuban Cigar

In my latest video, I decided to do something that was clearly ill advised. As the title  suggests, I smoked a fake Cuban cigar in order to review and see what it was all about. One of the claims that some people make, is that they're still Cuban cigars because they were made in Cuba; This is complete and is utter nonsense. 

If you watch the full video you'll see my reaction and how the cigar smoked. For those of you who don't mind spoilers, the cigar was pretty terrible. I'd assume it's pretty obvious to many of you out there, that this cigar wasn't going to great. 

The important thing to take away from this is that fake Cuban cigars are not similar to any proper cigars. There's an inherent danger to smoking these products and they should always be avoided. 

There are several ways to identify the legitimacy for a box of Cuban Cigars. One of the best ways to do this is to check the box code. The Habanos website offers a tool you can use to verify the the barcode on the cigar boxes. 

Another way that many people check to see if a cigar is legitimate or not, is to look at the band itself. Many of the Cuban brands now have intricate and detailed bands, that counterfeiters won't replicate exactly. Below I have placed some high resolution images for several of the prominent Cuban brands. These files are high enough in resolution that you can zoom right into the band and clearly see all of the details. 

I aim to continue adding bands to this article. 

Current Production Cohiba Band

Current Production Cohiba Band Lighting Adjusted

Current Production Cohiba Behike Band

Current Production Cohiba Behike Band Lighting Adjusted

Current Production Cohiba Maduro Band


Please refrain from sharing the individual images and refer people to this page instead. Thank you. 

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