Cuban Cigars Versus New World Cigars: Which Ones Are the Best?

It seems to be the age old battle, Cuban cigars versus new world cigars, which of the two are actually better? Many cigar smokers will only smoke specific kinds of cigars and tend to stray away from experimenting. A large number of Cuban cigar smokers won't even consider trying anything from outside of the country. This in a sense has drawn up some battle lines. 

We're joined again by Ray Prodonoff to discuss the differences between Cuban cigars and New World cigars. Both kinds of cigars have generated a lot of myths and legends. For instance, Cuban cigars are described as being poorly produced cigars and New Worlds are supposedly far superior. 

New world cigars are described as being bland or simple pepper bombs and Cubans are said to be far more complex in flavor. Many of these ideas tend to generalize cigars on both sides and remove any nuance from the discussions. For this reason, we decided it would be a good idea to actually discuss this topic in detail. 

Although on the channel we focus primarily on Cuban cigars, Prodonoff provides many countering ideas. This contrast in ideas and preferences helps us discuss these types of cigars in a balanced way that aims to educate both sides as opposed to trying to prove one another wrong. 

Check out our latest video linked above, or if you prefer to listen only, you can use the link below to the podcast. 

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