Three Reasons Why Cuban Cigars Are In-Fact The Best

Ever since I started smoking cigars, one of the most common things I have heard is about how Cuban cigars are overrated. Personally, I think that's complete nonsense especially considering the fact they continue to outsell the competition in most markets where they're available. 

In my first video, I wanted to discuss why I think Cuban cigars are actually the best you can buy. This is not to say that new world cigars are bad, in fact I have thoroughly enjoyed plenty of cigars from companies like Davidoff and Padrón. The issue is that I personally find that Cuban cigars are consistently better when it comes to their flavour; and flavour is in my view the most important feature of a cigar. 

This trend against Cuban cigars tends to mostly come from the US markets where they're not available to buy as easily as they are over here in the UK. In all honesty it comes across as an attempt to self sooth because they're difficult for US customers to get hold of. Retailers like JR Cigars are very quick to make this point because it serves their interests. I mean it's not as though they can start selling Cuban cigars tomorrow and for that reason they have to peddle this nonsense. 

Cuban cigars are like Kellogs cereals, the original and the best. 

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