Cohiba Siglo VI vs Cohiba Piramides Extra - Which Should You Buy?

Cohiba is the flagship Cuba cigar brand and due to this they are almost always more expensive than their equivalents from other Habanos brands. I wanted to compare two relatively premium Cohiba cigars, the Siglo VI and the Piramides Extra to see which one is the better choice. 

I'm assuming that when people think of things that are good value for money, Cohiba cigars probably don't make the list. For many people when they say Cuban cigars are overpriced, I'm assuming they actually mean Cohiba cigars. Despite this, Cohiba cigars remain one of the most popular brand of cigars. I'd say this is for good reason because their cigars are actually really good. 

The Siglo line of cigars are some of the most popular amongst Cohibas. The Siglo VI being the largest cigar in the line and the most expensive; I wanted to see how it compared to a the similarly priced, Piramides Extra. 

In the video above I smoke both cigars and give you my thoughts on which I think is the best. Considering the similar price points, if you're in the market to only buy one of these then hopefully this video can help you decide. 


Check out the full video and let me know which Cohiba cigar is your favourite. 

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