Can Cigars Actually Be Good for You?

On many occasions, you'll hear about how cigars are really bad for you. The health warnings are plastered all over cigar boxes. There have strong campaigns against tobacco products and even a smoking ban. Based on this, how can anyone think that cigars could offer "amazing health benefits". 

In a video from Suburban Pilgrims, Jason Calhoun discusses why he thinks cigars can be really good for you. The main idea behind his point is about time and how we manage or waste it. As Calhoun discusses in the video, time is something we all want more of but uses in the least effective ways. 

What I love about Calhouns videos is that style, editing and the way he discusses things, grabs your attention without the need for over the top effects and high doses of energy. His videos are relatively tame in that regard, but they're enjoyable to watch, especially when indulging in a cigar yourself. 

The "health benefits" of cigars may not be entirely conventional, however lots of smokers have described how cigars have been a huge help to them. It's almost like a form of meditation. 

Personally, I find that when I sit down for a cigar, it's a great time to reflect and settle my mind. A time for to me consider my actions and things I could improve on. I also, generally use that time to listen to an audiobook which is a great way to learn new things. 

Check out the video linked above and let me know what your experiences have been like, smoking cigars? 


  • ⭕ As simply stated those using their enjoyment of cigars use them to relax into a productive phase. Of course a underwhelming cigar can change that. 🇬🇧

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