• There's No Such Thing as Plume on Cigars: Let's Stop this Nonsense

    Cigar plume or bloom is entirely fabricated. There is no evidence to suggest that plume exists and claims of such things have almost always been debunked. Unfortunately, many in the cigar industry continue to perpetuate this falsehood and this means that cigar aficionados are being mislead.
  • English Market Selection Cigars (EMS): Are They Really All That They're Cracked up to Be?

    English market selection (EMS) cigars have gained quite the reputation. There's this idea that they are superior to all other Cuban cigars. Essentially, the rumors are that Hunters & Frankau have special access to cigars produced in Cuba; therefore the UK gains the best of the batch. The question is, how much of this rumor is actually true?

  • Cuban Cigars Versus New World Cigars: Which Ones Are the Best?

    It seems to be the age old battle, Cuban cigars versus new world cigars, which of the two are actually better? Many cigar smokers will only smoke specific kinds of cigars and tend to stray away from experimenting. A large number of Cuban cigar smokers won't even consider trying anything from outside of the country.

  • Cigar Aficionado Has Halved the Number of Cuban Cigars in Its Top 25 List

    Cigar Aficionado has been producing it's top 25 list of best cigars every year since at least 2004. As a publication, it has built a great reputation within the industry and this is why its best cigars lists have so much weight.

    Cuban cigars remain one of the most popular types of cigars currently on the market. However, over the last decade Cigar Aficionado has been reducing the number of Cuban cigars that appear in its top 25 list of best cigars.

  • Importing Cigars Into the U.K? Here's How Brexit Will Change Things

    Importing cigars into the UK has been a common thing for many cigar smokers. Since the Brexit deal was announced on the 24th, many people have been wondering how this new deal will impact their cigar imports from the EU. 
  • New Sanctions on Cuba: No More Cuban Cigars to the US

    The relationship between Cuba and the US has been temperamental for quite some time now. Product produced by the Cuban government are essentially banned in the US. Barrak Obama did make a few changes during his term to open up relations, however Donald Trump has now made the stance clear with his latest decision. 
  • Can Cigars Actually Be Good for You?

    On many occasions, you'll hear about how cigars are really bad for you. The health warnings are plastered all over cigar boxes. There have strong campaigns against tobacco products and even a smoking ban. Based on this, how can anyone think that cigars could offer "amazing health benefits". 


  • Why Are Cuban Cigars So Expensive?

    When you consider the cost of general tobacco products like cigarettes and pipe tobacco, one could be excused in thinking that Cuban cigars are too expensive. In the UK you can purchase 25g of pipe tobacco for less than £10. For that price, you couldn't even buy a Petit Corona. So why are Cuban cigars so expensive?

  • Long Term Review of the S.T. Dupont Le Grand Lighter (Plus Unboxing)

    In a previous video, I reviewed the S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dancing flame lighter. I discussed how much I disliked the product for a good number of reasons. I've now replaced that lighter with the Le Grand Blue Lacquered version and this is probably the best lighter that S.T. Dupont produce. 
  • Montecristo Supremos LE 2019 Cigar Review: A Must Have for Collectors

    Over the last few years, I've tried to smoke as many limited edition cigars as my bank balance could allow. Most of these were Cuban cigars from well known brands like Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. Unfortunately, every single limited edition cigar I have smoked in the last few years has been a complete disappointment; until now. 
  • Zippo Soft Flame Lighters Can Be Used To Light Cigars

    One of the fundamental rules when smoking cigars is that you should never light it with a Zippo or liquid fuel lighter. The reason this rule exists is because people believe that the liquid fuel can be absorbed by the cigar and either change the aroma or ruin the flavour. I believed this rule for quite some time to until recently when I decided to test the theory. 

  • How Zippo Lighters Are Made

    I recently bought my very first Zippo lighter and since then I'm hopped on the proverbial bandwagon. I'm now all about Zippo lighters and love how brilliant they are. I even tried them on cigars and found that the idea that Zippo lighters can ruin cigars is complete nonsense. The fuel that Zippos use has absolutely no impact on cigars at all.